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Reviewing The Home Drug Test Bundle

The Home Drug Test is a pack of five individually wrapped, multi-screen panels for urine drug tests. The different packs are meant for testing different types of drugs. The kit, as the name indicates, is meant for home usage. The ease of use and simplicity makes the DIY testing easy for even first-time testers. In this the Home Drug Test review piece, we’ll take a brief look at the different attributes of the kit and its pros and cons, so that you know whether it’s worth buying.

Salient Features

As aforementioned, the kit is easy to use and quite straightforward. This multi-drug urine test pack can be used to test the presence of different drug substances in your body, including cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamine, opiates, and benzodiazepine, to name a few. The test results turn out accurate by at least 99 percent and are very much comparable to standard laboratory tests. Moreover, the results can be had within just five minutes of testing.

Getting the Test Done

To get the test done, you would require sufficient amount of urine for the test strips to absorb. As far as the results are concerned, a single line indicates a positive result and 2 lines denote a negative result. If the test results are in the affirmative, you would also get to know the drug type.


• A quick and easy to way to get a drug test done. Tests like these make it easier to hold people accountable and keep them out of rehabilitation.

• The strip pack comes in handy for people whose jobs entail routine testing. People who get high unwillingly at a late night party and dread not coming clean the next day at the workplace would find this kit reducing their anxiety levels.

• There are five of them in a pack and you can expect them all to last for some time, provided you are not testing every other day.


• The accuracy is something that cannot be completely relied upon, though the maker states 99 percent accuracy. You can use this test as a precursor to your actual lab test. In other words, if the test turns out positive, you should head to the lab for a more conventional test to confirm results.

• Certain strips may not be as sensitive as others. For instance, the benzo strip may present sensitivity issues.

• The strip pack doesn’t come bundled in with its cups. The cups could have been used to determine how much urine the test needs, negating any guesswork.

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