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Get The Assurance You Need With Reveal Home Drug Test Reviews

If you’re a parent of a teen or pre-teen who’s been known to use marijuana in the past, you’re probably constantly worried that your child has returned to this forbidden and incredibly detrimental activity. Although marijuana has been both legalized and decriminalized in many areas, it remains, like alcohol, a recreational product that should only be used by adults who are actually of age. Fortunately, you can alleviate these fears and keep your child on the straight and narrow by investing in a number of at-home, drug testing kits. These products can be used to effectively determine whether or not your child has any THC in his or her system, and at any point in time. Although many consumers worry about the efficacy of these tests, you only need to look at a few Reveal Home drug test reviews to know just how effective they truly.

How Effective Is The Reveal Home Drug Test?

Surprisingly, the Reveal home drug test is 99.9 percent accurate. This means that if your child has been using marijuana in any capacity, whether smoking it, using edibles or even vaping with it, the testing kit will be able to detect this activity. This system has been compared to the same testing solutions that are used by doctors, employers, and many other professionals and organizations. Best of all, it is available at a mere fraction of the normal cost. It typically takes approximately five minutes for positive results to manifest after the system has been used. One of the major benefits of using a product like this one is the fact that it is so cost-effective, you can stock up on tests and can surprise your child with a screening whenever you feel like something is amiss.

Cutting Your Child Some Slack

According to many Reveal home drug test reviews, this testing system is incredibly effective. In fact, for people who are diligently attempting to cleanse their systems and rid their bodies of THC and all other drug residues, it often proves too effective. That’s because it can detect trace amounts of this residue for quite a long time. Keep in mind that marijuana happens to be a fat-soluble drug. As such, if your child has been caught using marijuana in the recent past, you will have to give your teen at least one full month or more in order to test clean. As the THC in your child’s system abates, the bright red test line that indicates positive results will start to fade. This will gradually become a light shade of pink until no positive line appears in the results window at all. Some people may take as long as 60 days of using absolutely no marijuana at all to test totally free and clear.

This means that parents who are regularly testing their children for marijuana after a recent incident should look for signs of fading in the positive indication line, rather than the absence of this line entirely. If the line continues to become increasingly faint, this means that the THC in your child’s system is gradually being broken down and passed out of the body and that no new THC is being introduced. Conversely, if the test line remains bright red indicating positive results for several weeks after your child has promised to abstain, this means that he or she is likely still using marijuana and further preventative actions need to be taken.

Using The Reveal Home Drug Test Ahead Of Your Employer’s Drug Test

Surprisingly, a lot of the best Reveal home drug test reviews actually come from consumers who are using this product for themselves. These are people who are scheduled to take drug screens for their jobs and who are attempting to clean their systems ahead of their appointments. By testing on a regular basis, they can determine whether or not their actions are actually working. In fact, many of the top companies that manufacture cleansing kits for this purpose recommend buying at least two test kits to verify the efficacy of their solutions ahead of submitting any saliva, hair or urine samples at a lab.

Many people, however, are confused by the fact that the bright red, positive line gradually fades. They believe that evidence of significant fading means that they should be fine to pass their drug tests at the lab. The reality, however, is that even a faint line in the results window is an indication of remaining THC residues. If these residues are picked up by a home testing kit, then they will likely be picked up by a lab test as well.

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Get The Assurance You Need With Reveal Home Drug Test Reviews

If you’re a parent of a teen or pre-teen who’s been known to use marijuana in the past, you’re probably constantly worried that your child has returned to this forbidden […]

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