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What Drugs Can You Test For At Home?

Whether you’re a concerned parent or someone who has a work-related drug test looming on the horizon, being able to screen for illicit substances in the privacy of your own abode can help answer a lot of pressing questions. In fact, there are a lot of people asking the question, “What drugs can you test for at home?”. The answer is often quite surprising. The reality is that you can test for all of the same drugs at home that you can test for in a professional lab setting. That’s because many of the available drug testing kits are manufactured by the very same companies that produce drug testing products for lab facilities.

Three Drugs That An At-Home Test Kit Won’t Detect

Everything from marijuana to ecstasy can be safely and successfully tested at home. This includes oxycodone, methamphetamine, amphetamines, barbiturates, all manner of opiates, anti-depressants and more. There are, however, three drugs that at-home testing kits and professional labs are not yet adept in detecting. These include synthetic marijuana, which is commonly referred to as Spice or K2, salvia, and bath salts. Moreover, if you have a child who is getting high by huffing paint, glue or other chemicals, you may not be able to find a test that can detect these activities.

Things To Remember When Testing At Home

There are three ways in which an at-home drug test kit can work. The most convenient of these is a test that provides instant results. As soon as the individual has placed his or her sample in the testing unit, the process will begin. Evidence of a positive test will usually appear as a bright, red line in the test window. With these products, there is no need to seek further verification in order to determine the efficacy of the results. Most of these products are guaranteed to be at least 99.9 percent accurate.

The second home testing method is to collect a sample and send it into a participating lab. This is only a viable option if you do not need the results right away. If you are scheduled to take a lab test and want to test at home in order to ensure that any cleansing products you’ve been using are actually working, you probably won’t have the time to get a response from a lab. When time is not an issue, these less popular products will certainly suffice.

Finally, many manufacturers of at-home drug testing products provide both instant results and the option of having these results verified by a lab. There is usually an additional cost of using this secondary service. You might want to pay for this feature if you are the owner of a small or micro-business and are using these products to make hiring and firing decisions. In these cases, getting lab verification can protect you legally by further validating your decision to let an employee go.

Do Drug Testing Kits Really Work?

In addition to asking “What drugs can you test for at home?”, a lot of people are wondering whether or not these kits work as well as they claim to. Not only are these products advertised as being 99.9 percent effective, but they are often backed up by positive reviews from consumers. They are perfect for people who are actively working to rid their bodies of toxins before submitting to any mandatory drug screenings that are required by either their jobs or by prospective employers. They are also incredibly effective for parents of teens who have a history of drug use and who want to verify their kids’ commitments to remaining sober and drug-free, without having to pay excessively high lab test fees.

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What Drugs Can You Test For At Home?

Whether you’re a concerned parent or someone who has a work-related drug test looming on the horizon, being able to screen for illicit substances in the privacy of your own […]

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