Best At Home Drug Test

Drug testing has come a long way from twenty years ago. Not until recently, drug testing was something that was done at a facility, using a medical office of some type. Now, you can purchase an at home drug test kit that can give you the same results, in some cases faster, than a drug testing facility. The best at home drug test kit ultimately depends on your needs as a consumer. There are various kits that can be purchased, but not every kit may give you what you are looking for. There are some kits you should avoid because of the validity of the testing based on consumer reviews, and there are some kits that will cost an arm and a leg, but you should live by the motto you get what you pay for!


The best at home drug test is determined by first looking at what you are trying to determine: is your teenager a drug user? is a family member that is trying to stop using drugs still using drugs? drug testing yourself before a job interview that requires your urine? Whatever the reason may be, the best at home drug test can usual test for multiple drugs.

 This kit, sold by Amazon, provides 10 test strips for an unbelievable price and designed to detect ten different types of drugs. Some of the major drugs this kit is popularly used for are ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine, and methadone.


Now, urine has always been the most popular way to perform a drug test. But, did you know there are other ways? If you have a difficult time getting your family member to pee in a cup, then what about a test that uses your saliva? Once again, this may not be the best at home drug test kit, but it can certainly be easier other testing methods. What has new customers raving about this test is the fact that it is done with the person present. You do not have to wait for a urine sample or wait days. However, one of the down falls to this kit is that it only tests for six drugs versus the urine kit above that will test for ten.


There are various kits that are specifically targeted for parents that are suspicious of their teenage children. Quite a few people have considered the TeenSavers Drug Test Kit to possibly be the best at home drug test kit on the market because it will test for twelve different types of common drugs used by today’s teenagers. This kit is slightly more expensive than others, but you are able to test for more drugs and there is an option to mail the positive results for lab confirmation which is all included for more detailed results.


The best at home drug test kit is the one that is suitable for your needs, at least in my opinion. Expect to pay a little bit more or less based on the brand as well, but a reputable brand will usually give the best results.